AFC at Micro Salon 2015

Aerial Film Club took part as an exhibitor, in association with its partner Piumaworld, in Micro Salon 2015, the international exhibition of latest cinematographic, photographic and digital technologies, organized by AIC, the Italian association of cinematographers, on March 14-15 in Rome.


At Micro Salon, Aerial Film Club showed the new Shotover F1, a 6 axis stabilization system designed for use on helicopters, ground vehicles, watercraft and almost anything that moves.

This system allows to film Ultra HD and accepts cameras like Sony F55, Alexa Mini, Red Epic, Canon 300/500 and a range of lenses from Canon 30-300 to Angenieux 15-40.
Interesting features are the quick setup and the overall lightness. This feature gives great freedom to helicopter maneuvering capability ̶ keeping the highest stability standards, unlike most aerial gimbals.




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