72nd Venice Film Festival

72nd Venice Film Festival: Aerial Film Club (AFC) introduces the new stabilization system Shotover F1 and the partnership with Seals, represented by stuntman Franco Maria Salamon.

10 September 2015, Venice ̶ Aerial Film Club (aerialfilmclub.com) integrates the experience of a number of skilled and highly qualified personnel in order to develop cinematographic and TV projects from beginning to end. The company offers tailored solutions and supporting services for the production and co-production of films. AFC is specialized in aerial filming, now with the new Shotover F1, the only system in the world that boasts a 6 axis stabilization and the possibility to use the Ultra HD technology. AFC has a partnership with: Cinenane Group, a Milanese company specialized in materials and services for cinema and TV, Piumaworld, committed to research and development in the field of design and realization of technological equipment for filming, Elikos, helicopter company headquartered in Ortisei (Bolzano), and Aerial Perspectives, an Austrian company specialized in aerial shooting operating all over the world.

In order to offer a service to organize all the activities related to filming from helicopters, ground vehicles and watercraft, including also a support for logistics, staff and budget management, Aerial Film Club collaborates with Franco Maria Salamon and with Seals (Sea Air Lands), company dedicated to film and TV production. Salamon will especially contribute to the stunt coordination, thanks to a 35 years experience as stuntman, stunt coordinator and stunt supervisor in many movies, ranging from Academy Award winners such as The English Patient (Anthony Minghella), Gladiator (Ridley Scott), The great beauty (Paolo Sorrentino), to masterpieces such as The life acquatic (Wes Anderson), Miracle at St. Anna (Spike Lee) and Angels & Demons (Ron Howard). Avengers: Age of Ultron (Joss Whedon) and The Young Messiah (Cyrus Nowrasteh) are some of the latest films.

The purpose is to make shooting easier thanks to a vast array of professionals, coordinated by Luca Greguoli Venini, aerial cinematographer, member of Imago and of AIC, Claudio Carbonera, managing director of AFC, and Franco Maria Salamon.

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